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New communal partnership: Bo and Aschaffenburg

This year we had two visitors from Sierra Leone in Aschaffenburg!

The highlight for us was the start of the communal partnership between the city of Aschaffenburg and the city of Bo in September.

Our Lord Mayor Jürgen Herzing, supports the partnership and connected us to his engaged team, responsible for town twinning in Aschaffenburg: Helmut Maier (Head of section), Heike Connor and Christine Loeschinger-Morhardt. The Mayor of the city of Bo sent his development and planning officer, Haja Halimah Lukay, who traveled together with our country director of Commit and Act Sierra Leone, Hannah Bockarie, first to an Africa Congress in Dresden and then to Aschaffenburg.

In Dresden, the representatives of 24 African nations met their colleagues from the German partner municipalities. There was a wealth of suggestions that were taken up and further developed in the subsequent workshop in Aschaffenburg: digitization of both municipalities, water supply in Bo, joint school partnerships, trade in local products, improvement of health care, etc. To our great delight, several city councilors participated in the workshop and immediately promised action (like giving pharmaceutical support to both girls shelters). Other events included a reception by the mayor and a Prosocial workshop by Hannah for school principals from Aschaffenburg and the district.

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