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Commit and Act Foundation Sierra Leone

Job Description

Organizational Development Change (ODC) Consultant - 

Terms of Reference

​​  1. Background

Commit and Act Foundation was established in 2013 and currently has a staff of 65 staff in Bo,  and Makeni. Bo 27 staff and Makeni 38 with their head quarters in Bo, Sierra Leone. The organization is working in three geographical locations in Sierra Leone (Bo, Bombali and Tonkolili districts. CAF-SL’s five year Strategic Plan (2019-2024) describes their programmatic approach, which is underpinned by a ‘sustainable psycho-social approach for survivors and victims of GBV/SGBV. CAF-SL works to provide medical support, temporary shelter, food, legal assistance, psycho-social therapy, educational support and livelihood support for their clients. They also work with youth and adolescent to access SRHR services, women’s groups, teachers, religious leaders, orphans, couples and adolescent girls on the prevention of FGM


To support their new strategic direction CAF-SL decided to embark on a period of organisational change. An organisational assessment (OA) was carried out in 2019. The OA findings were used to design an organisational development (OD) strategy, including the five year strategic plan. The exercise will therefore strengthen the OD strategy as outlined in this term of reference


    2. Purpose

The purpose of the OD Organizational development is to improve  on the overall productivity and efficiency of the organization and to review the process in strategy implementation, access strength, weaknesses, challenges and adapt the strategy accordingly and to review organizational policies such as Human resource manual, Anti corruption policy, child protection policies .and the strategic plan of the organization  


   3. Objectives

The objectives include: 

  • Analyze and evaluate the existing organizational structure 

  • Review on major units/departments and corresponding functions

  • Review the overall decision-making processes

  • Assess the division of labour and reporting lines

  • Strengthening the management and guidance of the current staff members

  • Recommend better reporting processes regarding HR management structure and complaint mechanism within the organization 

  • Review and develop key organizational policies, strategies and systems

  • Identify progress in relation to CAF-SL Strategic Plan

  • Develop an organizational capacity building  and succession plan

  • Build the capacity of staff to be able to effectively use the policies and systems 

     4. Process

The process will be participatory, involving all CAF-SL staff, country director, board members, overseas partners and donors, at various stages. It will include gathering information, evidence of change, suggestions for improvement, training, review and development of organizational policies, strategies and systems, exploring new opportunities and assessing risks/threats.  The key stages and activities include: 

4.1. Preparation

  • Preparation and forwarding key information and documents to the consultant to design the workshop and Strategy/policies review process, tools, analysis of preliminary data, reading of key documents 

  • Preliminary meeting with CAF management and all staff to discuss and agree on Strategies/activities of the entire process


4.2. Review and develop key organizational policies

  • Examine/read CAF-SL existing policies to identify gaps, areas of amendment/improvements and need for new policies in line with the line ministries’ policies

  • Discussions and interviews with CAF-SL management, staff, board, overseas partners, donors and key target groups to get their inputs/voices into the revised/new policies

  • Analyse information, prepare findings so they can be shared with CAF-SL team in the debriefing/policy review workshop

  • A policy review workshop to deliberate/debate/agree on the policies

  • Prepare the draft revised/new policies and shared with CAF-SL for comments

  • Finalize the policies and submit to CAF-SL management 

4.3. Review and Develop systems, strategies and plans (communication and resources mobilization strategies, M&E systems, capacity building and succession plans)

  • Examine existing strategies and systems to identify gaps and areas of amendments/improvements 

  • Facilitate a 5 day workshop with CAF-SL team to enable them fully understand the concept of the systems and strategies and know how to use them effectively  

  • Prepare draft strategies/systems and submit to CAF-SL team for comments

  • Finalize systems and strategies and submit to CAF-SL management

4.4. Post-workshop meetings with CAF-SL team

  • Examine and evaluate the entire process and identify areas for the next ODC process

4.5. Produce Report on the entire process

  • A comprehensive report on the entire process and also highlighting key successes and challenges of the organization and recommendations for improvements


     5. Outputs/Deliverables

The outputs/Deliverables include:

  • Revised/New policies that are fully understood by CAF-SL management and staff – commitment made for adherence and compliance

  • Revised/New strategies, systems and plans that are fully understood by CAF-SL team and can be used effectively 

  • Achievements since 2019 identified, in relation to Strategic Plans, including unplanned achievements and unexpected changes 

  • Identified and unpacked key successes, issues/challenges affecting the organization as a whole 

  • Identified new opportunities for organisational development, and prioritise them

  • Revised bench marks and indicators in the strategic plan as appropriate

  • Proposed operational plan for CAF-SL Strategic plan for the next two years: including activities, outputs, desired outcomes, process, and support required

  • A short report written by the consultant in close liaison with CAF-SL 


​      6. Key Qualifications

The facilitator should have at least 7 years of experience/references in the following:

  • A profound knowledge and experience in conducting and facilitating organizational restructuring within the NGO sector

  • Excellent facilitation and mediation skills

  • Experience with Change Management processes in development related organizations

  • Good communication and interview skills. Ability to ask clear questions to find out as much detail from the interviews 

  • Knowledge and experience in using participatory approaches and innovative techniques, with organizational leadership

  • Critical thinking, deductive reasoning, social perceptiveness and problem-solving skills.

  • Fluency in English and other language will be an advantage   


     7. Proposed Time Frame 

       September– October 2023


      8. Inputs and number of Days

  • Consultant inputs include:


Consultant costs include: 

  • Accommodation

  • Feeding

  • Consultant fees

  • Transportation 


Direct CAF-SL costs include: 

  • Workshop venue and logistics; travel/DSA for staff; typing up of workshop notes and flip charts – repertoire  

  • Documents to be sent to the consultant and data to be gathered by CAF-SL staff to be agreed.


Total cost for the entire Organizational Development process NLE 260,000.


Contact Details: 

Please submit a non-binding tender as one PDF file by 15th September, 2023 with the subject line CAF-SL Organisational Development Change (ODC) Tender – (name of the applicant)” including: 

– CV including Credentials – Summary of Approach 

– Work Procedure including Time Estimate and the earliest start date. 

– Fixed Financial Proposal 

Contact details of the Designated Person 

Email to:

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