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Leading the way to social change and getting volunteer hours for college applications!


Our youth leadership and volunteer program empowers the young leaders of today to take a stand against gender violence and support our abused girls shelter in Sierra Leone, raising money and getting volunteer hours and experience for their college applications!

This is a great way to learn leadership skills and practice compassion that leads to social change.

This group allows teens between 10-17 years of age to raise awareness and money to support Commit and Act’s girls’ shelter in Sierra Leone. Membership is FREE and participants can discontinue their participation at any time. Parental permission is required.

Commit & Act’ volunteers will learn:

  • Leadership skills

  • Teamwork

  • Social skills

  • Decision making

  • Initiative

  • Creativity

  • Compassion

  • Development of civic responsibility


They can use their participation hours towards services hours required to graduate high school and the experience can also be shared in their college applications. The money raised will be use d to meet the needs of the Commit and Act’s shelter in Sierra Leone, Africa where we provide shelter, counseling and legal aid to abused girls. 

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Want to learn leadership skills while making friends and getting volunteer hours?

We can't wait to get 
you get started.

$15 Will provide clothing for abused girls


$25 Can provide 5 meals to abused girls


$50 Will provide 5 beds for abused girls at shelter


$60 Will provide salary for teacher and abused girl's education for one month


$75 Will provide vocational and job training skills for 3 abused girls for 1 month


$100 Will provide payment for abused girl's medical evaluation and first treatment


$120 Will provide legal services for abused girl's court case


$300 To contribute to materials and labor to build shelter for abused girls


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