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acceptance and

commitment therapy (act) 

Learn about how Acceptance and Commitment Therapy can change the world

what is act?

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a science-based, behavioral method that helps people learn to reduce the effects of their emotional stress on their own lives. The aim of acceptance-based therapeutic approaches is to change the way individuals handle painful experiences to prevent additional suffering that comes with avoidance reactions. The ACT approach helps people find out what really matters in their life. It promotes flexible behavior that is adapted to the situation and in harmony with one's own values.

act in sierra leone

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Scientific studies in different countries and also our work in Sierra Leone have shown that the approach of Contextual Behavioral Sciences, the basis of ACT, can be successfully applied and is very well accepted in a non-Western cultural context.


Fundamental processes are taught that make intuitive sense and can be understood through experiential exercises. This includes, for example, the acceptance of past life events with the associated emotions or the adoption of new perspectives on a difficult situation or the connection of one's own actions with consciously chosen values. These processes promote flexible behavior that is helpful for the respective person or group.


Our research team reviews the impact of our work on local people. We always keep in mind that emotional distress can be experienced very differently across cultures.

other projects

We carry on different projects where we apply and teach the ACT-Approach, to fund the development and self-sustainability of the communities in Sierra Leone.

Girls Shelter

We provide temporary shelter for girls that have experienced sexual violence or domestic abuse.

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dare to connect

By training couples on conflict resolution skills, we enable them to bring peace into their homes, benefiting their entire families.

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