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There are still great successes with Hannah's anti-circumcision project with the German Doctors!

The number of girls in the project has increased from 600 to 800. You may remember: the girls' families pledge not to have the girls circumcised. In return, they receive a small sum per month for school fees. In this way, the girls have a secure future through their own education instead of through marriage after circumcision. Business training empowers parents to support their families in the long term. The girls are regularly examined by a doctor to ensure they are intact.

An important part of the project is Prosocial workshops for parents, girls, and teachers, in which the devastating consequences of circumcision are explained and awareness is raised that violence against girls is not okay.

More and more circumcisers are publicly declaring that they will no longer perform circumcisions. The German Doctors have started a separate project for these women, which enables the women to earn their living from farming.

The company Lässig GmbH (picture 2) in Babenhausen has been supporting CAA for years, and is particularly committed to combating circumcision.

Here you can see the interviews we recorded with the Sowei women in Sierra Leone.

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