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Last but not least: We have successfully completed the second DARE project for couples!

The overall aim of the project was for the participating couples to live in non-violent relationships and with a significantly improved income situation (since extreme poverty is an important factor in the emergence of violence).

We have trained 12 teachers in our couple therapy methods and in Prosocial. They in turn conducted 4 couple sessions with 96 couples each, after which the couples have been living together peacefully for months. These couples passed on their knowledge to another 72 couples and whole village communities wanted to know exactly how to do it.

The joint farming project has strengthened cohesion and meant that the couple's children now get 2-3 regular meals a day and no longer have to go hungry. Since a small profit (94€) was made, new seeds can be bought for the next planting season.

Since the parents get along again, their children - who were often placed with relatives or neighbors - can live with the family again and all school-age children go to school (before it was only a small part). 95% of the couples live in peace permanently.

That's huge, isn't it?!

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