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commit and act's Webinar Series

Dear Commit & act's Donors and Supporters, People can lose their sense of meaning through trauma and loss, lose their feeling of identity or place in the world and develop ongoing depressive, anxiety and relational problems. Commit and ACT focuses on building hope, giving individuals and communities psychotherapeutic strategies to better enable them to cope with their current difficulties and focus on a valued life direction.  The goal of Commit and Act is to build a renewed sense of trust in the peo

ple they work with. To help individuals find the courage to rebuild their lives according to their own vision and values. Their local professional therapists counsel individuals and community groups.  

We have numerous projects under way. In addition to the psychotherapy group sessions, we work with couples using Pro Social therapy. There is a foundation that houses our shelter were we currently have 28 beds and a 6-crib nursery. This shelter is to protect girls who have been sexually abused. Our shelter is always full. We are establishing a second shelter in the town of Makeni were we are planning to have the same level of success. 

All of this takes money. We rely on the largess of good people around the world. Many of our donors are social workers and therapists who require continuing education units to fulfill on their annual license requirements. As such, we thought it would be a great opportunity to offer the community an opportunity to fulfill on these requirements, learn some of the latest techniques and knowledge base and at the same time, assist in our fundraising needs. So, we have created an ongoing webinar series  offered by our good friends at Praxis.  

Your participation and generosity will allow you to get the necessary credits you need to maintain your credentials and at the same time allow us to keep being a champion for a healthy and vibrant Sierra Leone. 

Oh, and if you are not a therapist or social worker, please review our speakers list, we are sure that you will find some excellent speakers and topics. We sincerely hope you can join us and continue to support our efforts in Sierra Leone. Your participation will make a HUGE difference in the lives of many!

Thank you!

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