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Commit & Act is dedicated to helping health care workers in Sierra Leone support people struggling with trauma following the war, as well as with other issues (e.g. domestic and gender-based violence) and mental health health difficulties. Health care workers are provided with training in an evidence-based therapeutic approach (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy; or ACT) and are given ongoing supervision and support. We also conduct research on our projects so that we can refine and improve the services that we provide based on data and participants' evaluations. 

Our Vision


Our vision is that in the face of all circumstances, people choose to create and live their lives according to their values and empower others to do the same.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower vulnerable populations in crisis areas by providing science-based, culturally sensitive training for health workers and other professionals, shelter with medical and legal help to victims of violence, and doing scientific research to evaluate our services.

We are currently working toward our mission through three separate initiatives. We train professionals to apply Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and PROSOCIAL with individuals, groups, and families. We provide temporary shelter for girls who have experienced sexual violence or domestic abuse. And we are developing and delivering a DARE to Connect program that aims to provide couples and boys alternatives to violence in solving problems.

In Bo, Sierra Leone, we have provided a secure place for girls who have experienced violence since August 2015. At our 'girl's shelter' they receive competent medical and psychotherapeutic support, clothing and food. It is a safe, loving community where they can live life less restricted and work through their experiences with the support of professionals.

Some of our services include:

  • Collaborate to care for orphans as a result of violence and disease.

  • Train mental health care workers and community leaders in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy so they can help heal their communities and victims of violence.

  • Facilitate a women’s group and microfinance businesses so people have new beginnings.

  • Run a girls’ shelter for females who have suffered abuse, meeting their basic needs and helping them heal and thrive through psychological, medical, and legal care.

  • Facilitate DARE to Connect ACT workshops that teach partnership skills to couples and peaceful collaboration skills to violent kids in schools.



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