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Anti - Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

With this project, we aim to reduce the FGM practices and school dropout in targeted areas in Bombali and Tonkolili districts.

The first phase of this project started in October 2020 has kept so far 600 girls safe from this practice. The program also includes information and advice in schools and villages, so it also works towards reducing violence in all the families involved.

our goals with the project


To empower girls to be able to make informed decisions regarding FGM practices, and their rights to health and education.


To improve awareness among the parents of the negative impacts of FGM. Encourage parents to increasingly support girls in their education.


To increase awareness within communities on the negative impacts of FGM. Encourage communities to increasingly support girls in their education.


Creating the Forum Against Harmful Practices (FAHP) is responsive to issues of FGM in Bombali and Tonkolili districts.


our work in numbers


We identified and enrolled 400 girls into the project.


We conducted three
Bi-monthly psychosocial Education meetings with 80 community members.


We provided 800 parents with different trainings: business management skills,  good parenting skills training, and we also provided 400 parents with medical support for their children.


We held three Bi-Monthly Girls Pro-social club meetings with 400 girls in 20 schools across the two districts.

In November 2021 we traveled to Sierra Leone to have some talks with the beneficiaries of the projects. We had the chance to interview some of the Sowei women, who decided to get themselves and their daughters involved in this project.

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